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    Eucharist and Discipleship 

  • April 14, 2024 Third Sunday Easter (B) 

    On the 3rd Sunday of Easter, we encounter a recurring post-Easter theme of Eucharist and discipleship. The Gospel reading from Luke continues to explore the significance of Christ’s resurrection. Here are some reflections on this day:

    1. Recognition of Jesus in a Meal:
    • In the upper room, the disciples share their story about recognizing Jesus during their trip to Emmaus. They recount
    • how they identified Him when He broke bread at the table.
    • Jesus appears again before them, dispelling their fear. Their belief solidifies as they witness Him eating in their presence.
    • Similarly, on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus reveals Himself while the disciples bring in an abundant harvest of fish. This moment links Eucharist to discipleship.

    Caravaggio’s “The Supper at Emmaus”:

    • Caravaggio’s 1606 masterpiece captures the disciples’ recognition of Jesus in the breaking of bread.
    • The fruit teetering on the edge of the table in the painting serves as a metaphor. It represents everything that once satisfied us but now withers away—ephemeral stuff.
    • A closer examination of the soon-to-be-tumbling basket reveals the fruit inside is spotted, rotted, and withering away. It is a perfect metaphor for when we recognize Jesus present in the Eucharist.
    • When we recognize Jesus present in the Eucharist, our minds open to God’s truth. Fear dissipates, and our lives recalibrate toward mission and ministry to others.
    1. The Heart of the Paschal Mystery:
    • The Eucharist is the heart of the paschal mystery—the revelation that Christ, broken and offered for us, rises triumphantly out of the tomb.
    • As bread and wine, Jesus remains with us in the bloodless re-presentation of Calvary.
    • Our hearts burn not from rotting food but from recognizing the One who was broken on the altar and the cross.

    In summary, the third Sunday of Easter invites us to contemplate the intersection of fear, food, and recognition—where Jesus is fully present with us

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